Cross-cutting capabilities for your App

Plugins tackle the cross-cutting capabilities of your application. Vyuh provides standard interfaces to the most critical capabilities with an ever-growing set of third-party integrations.


Allows integrating with a CMS to drive the entire App Experience.


Allows navigation and routing to various routes in your application. Vyuh uses the GoRouter is its built-in router.


Tracks all events, actions, network calls, navigation inside your Vyuh App

Dependency Injection

Provides a way to fetch shared services and objects that are required across the Application using a centralized registry.


Makes network calls using your standard ReST methods (get, post, patch, delete, etc.)


Handles authentication and its associated session/token management.

Feature Flag

Run A/B/N Tests or just control visibility of features, actions, layouts, content-blocks and even screen journeys.


Provides persistent or in-memory key-value storage that can be used to store app related data

Secure Storage

A secure version of the storage with built-in encryption


Handles logging the various activities for debugging purposes. It supports all the log levels you expect in a logging system.

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