An overview of all packages in the Vyuh Framework

Open Source Packages

NPM Schema Packages

Schema packages allow you to compose the schemas for various features and bootstrap them into a single CMS Studio. We currently default to using as our CMS and all the following schema packages are for bootstrapping schemas into the Sanity Studio.

Pro Packages

Pro Packages are available under the Enterprise Plan and expand the capabilities of the framework to include more Vendor integrations and advanced functionality for richer experiences. All of them offer configurability from a CMS.


A Content Plugin for fetching content from the CMS.


Extension for configuring JavaScript actions from a CMS. These actions are executed at runtime using the Flutter JavaScript bridge.


Analytics Provider for Firebase. Includes support for Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics and Performance services.


Analytics Provider for that tracks messages, events, errors, transactions including nested transactions.


Authentication Plugin for Firebase


A set of UX building blocks for configuring Firebase Auth from a CMS


Forms feature for creating simple to complex forms with fields and validations. Drive your entire form lifecycle from a CMS.


A feature-flag Plugin for interfacing with Firebase Remote Config. Use it to drive conditional workflows and A/B/N tests.


A CMS content block for rendering onboarding content for an application. This is useful as an introduction screen for your application, all configurable from a CMS.

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