Tracking the evolution, one version at a time

1.x series

  • Launched 1.0 with foundation capabilities that are required by all CMS-driven and Modular Vyuh Apps

  • Core API to run a Vyuh App using modular Features and Plugins

  • Core Plugins for Content, Analytics, Navigation, Network, Authentication, Logging, Storage, Feature Flag, Dependency Injection

  • Integrations with Firebase, Sentry, Hive, GetIt and others

  • Core Content Items such as Card, Group, Accordion, Route (Pages & Dialogs), Portable Text, Web View, Divider.

  • API Content Item for showing content from third party APIs

  • Layouts that allows a single Content Item to have switchable dynamic layouts, configured from a CMS

  • Actions allow invoking standard and custom actions for various user events. They are system wide and can be used by any Content Item.

  • Conditional elements for Routes, Content Items, Layouts and Actions

  • Developer Tool to give an X-Ray view of your Vyuh App

  • Navigation is done via GoRouter including full support for dynamic routes loaded at runtime and templated routes.

  • Mason bricks to quickly scaffold your Vyuh App, Feature package and a Sanity schema package

  • Sample Apps, built as features:

    • Movies app that integrates with the TMDB API to browse Movies, Series and much more

    • Wonderous App that showcases the 8 wonders of the world. Each wonder is a separate document on the CMS for easy management.

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