Vyuh is a framework for building production-grade Flutter apps using a CMS to drive the entire experience.

This CMS-driven approach helps in dramatically reducing your time 🕛 to ship new features with a much smaller team 😇.

This is possible because the framework takes care of all the fundamentals of building large scale apps. This includes things like:

  • CMS-driven (aka Server-driven) UI
  • Modular development of Features with independent teams
  • Third party integrations via Plugins
  • Remote configuration with Zero App Store releases
  • Design System based UX
  • Analytics
  • Feature Flags and A/B/N testing
  • Networking
  • Authentication
  • Navigation and Routing
  • State Management
  • Error Handling
  • Theming
  • Storage and Secure Storage
  • and much, much more...

Take a deep dive into Vyuh and fast-track your apps today! 🚀