Managing Wonders

Beyond the 8 wonders

As you have seen so far, managing wonders is much more simpler and consolidated into a single document on the CMS.

We can easily add more wonders to this list and have them linked up in the CMS and rendered on the App. Publishing more wonders is now just a matter of gathering the visual assets, collecting the facts, putting it all into the wonder document and hitting "Publish" on the CMS.

This is the true power of a content-driven workflow and has already been applied to fairly large scale apps.

With Vyuh, we are redefining the role of a CMS and how it can be used to build sophisticated content-oriented Flutter Apps. Surprisingly, this type of content-oriented thinking is not just for apps like Wonderous. A whole gamut of apps in various industry verticals like Real Estate, Gaming, E-Commerce, Finance, etc. are amenable as well.

By rethinking the App Experience as a projection of rich content, we can take the control back and remotely deploy changes that can be live to the customers in minutes! Not days or weeks!

Explore the Vyuh Framework to learn more.

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