Developer Tools

The Developer Tools feature to get an X-Ray vision of your App

Once you start building larger apps, it is useful to see how the App was put together and explore its details. This is the purpose of the Developer Tools feature, which gives you this breakdown, organized by features and plugins.

It shows you all the features and goes into details about the various elements exposed by each feature. This is a great way to verify that the right configurations have been exposed.

When you describe your Feature with the FeatureDescriptor, make sure to add proper title, icon and description. This will be used when rendering it inside the Developer Tool. For example, this is how the System feature has been declared with all these parameters.

final feature = FeatureDescriptor(
  name: 'system',
  title: 'System',
  description: 'The core building blocks of the framework',
  icon: Icons.hub,
  // ... rest of the fields ...

You can also drill down into the plugins and see its contained elements. This is especially useful for the Content and Analytics plugins.

In future versions, we will make this more extensible and allow every feature and plugin to provide its own information views, in addition to the standard details.

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